Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dear Advertiser:

Thought Leadership Marketing is a hot topic in marketing circles, as described in an article in our November 2010 issue addresses how chiropractors can create leadership brand positions by providing their audiences with valuable, engaging information and education.

But the principles of Thought Leadership Marketing are as, if not more, applicable in your efforts to penetrate the chiropractic market. If you pay attention to vendors leading the profession, many of their efforts could be considered Thought Leadership Marketing.

To read the complete article “Thought Leadership Marketing?” CLICK HERE

The article talks about two primary aspects of Thought Leadership marketing: the messaging or ‘strategic’ side and the tactical or ‘delivery’ side.

I can’t help you with your message, but if you feel you need help with crafting a focused, educational and powerful messaging strategy, let me know and I can refer you to marketing firms well-known for being able to do so.

However, I can help you with the delivery of your message.

An effective Thought Leadership Marketing campaign needs to deliver your messages frequently and cost effectively. In addition, if you can deliver those messages through a variety of different mediums, you will find that this integrated approach tends to be much more efficient.

Our integrated marketing tools allow you to deliver your message in a variety of different formats at the lowest cost per thousand in the chiropractic profession.

· Our magazine reaches 40,000 chiropractors each month. But there’s more…

· The monthly digital issue of our magazine continues to draw readers [or visitors] if you prefer for months to come, at no extra cost. For a little more you can actively turn your ad into a life, virtual ad whereby visitors can simply click and go to your website.

· Our e-mail blast service, reaching over 55,600 opt-in chiropractors, is the most popular and most effective in the profession. We know as we send email blast to this list daily.

· Our website attracts over 18,000 unique visitors each month. A rotating banner on this website is a wonderful addition to your marketing efforts.

· Consider our Product Showcase, a service we provide our advertisers that draws great reviews.

· And last, but not least, our yearly Buyer’s Guide is the most complete and unbiased product guide in the chiropractic profession. CLICK to view or request a copy for yourself. And even after the 40,000 copies we print and deliver are gone, our Virtual Buyer’s Guide continues to act as a leading resource for chiropractors looking to purchase products, programs, and services.

Our Thought Leadership Marketing platform is fairly simple:

1. Delivering unbiased, factual information to our readers
2. Focusing on the products, programs, and services they desire and need
3. Providing cost effective media platforms as a resource doctors can utilize to expedite their search

Let us help you establish and deliver an Integrated Thought Leadership Marketing campaign.

OFFER: Commit to a six or twelve month integrated Thought Leadership Marketing effort via at least two of our media platforms and we will pay for an analysis of your current marketing communications message. Email me at for more information.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

“If a tree falls down in a forest, and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

Dear Advertiser:

An article in our October 2010 issue asks readers if “they are hearing what their patients are saying?” The article goes on to challenge chiropractors to make sure they are utilizing all the information, tools, and services that are available to them.

To read the complete article “Are You Hearing What Your Patients Are Saying?” CLICK HERE

Likewise, if you advertise but don’t utilize all the opportunities that the advertising provides you to engage or listen to your prospects, are you really advertising?

OFFER: We will conduct a third-party evaluation of your full page ad to see what our readers think as well as offer ideas and suggestions on how you can improve your "engagement" factor. Email me at

First, please consider that your ad in our publication, any publication for that matter, is part of your ongoing communication with your target audience. When creating your ads, picture yourself having a face-to-face discussion with your potential customer.

Any ad should have at least a couple of opportunities for readers to “talk back to you.” Traditional calls to action such as your phone number, an email address, or your website URL all give you an opportunity to measure whether anybody is reading your ad and how they are reacting to the message, but a little bit of creativity will make your ad even more effective.

Those traditional “calls to action” (phone number, email address, website URL) only scratch the surface of what you can do to engage prospective customers, and to provide some valuable feedback to you regarding your company, your product, and your advertising. Here are four simple ideas to better “engage” your prospects.

Your website design.
Advertising is still the best way to drive traffic to your website. But once you get a visitor, what are you doing to engage them, create a conversation with them, and keep them coming back?

Social Media.
All the rage, and a wonderful tool — if used properly. I see too many requests to join a Facebook page that are, in effect, competing with website efforts. Your social media can be a wonderful effort to engage prospects, but it needs to be done properly if you’re going to use it.

Creative links.
With the website technology at your disposal, you can now create links that drive traffic to specific pages within your site. These links will increase visitors to your offer dramatically by bypassing the home page (and lessening your concern about engaging visitors) and driving them immediately to the information you want them to read.

Teleconferences and webinars.
The offer you make on your ad can increase the response and the engagement from readers. Teleconferences and webinars are working well. So are well-written whitepapers and e-booklets. Make sure that any offers are easy to get, simple, and truly provide value, rather than being a hidden sales pitch.

As you can see, advertising does not have to be a one-dimensional effort. It can be two-dimensional or even three-dimensional. And the more creative you get about the opportunities for readers to connect with your company, the better the return on your investment.

OFFER: We will conduct a third-party evaluation of your full page ad to see what our readers think as well as offer ideas and suggestions on how you can improve your "engagement" factor. Email me at